The great man is one who can put into words the will of his age,

tell his age what its will is, and accomplish it.

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IC: soiree continuation
caballo y caballero
(from here, because we broke the continuations thread orz

...And then I started linking other continuations here too. THIS IS JUST FOR ALL THE SOIREE THREADS.)
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[My my, what's that odd feeling? Almost as if someone were shooting death-glares in your general direction from not too far off. Well, that certainly can't be good.]

*Of course the princess is being followed by her obsessively vigilant brother.

This isn't familiar or relatable in the slightest, no.

Meanwhile has led Euphy to the proper section.*

[And we're at the history section. She's just going to be scanning each book until she finds one marked Britain. Lifting, reaching, for what she suspects is the book!

Not aware that brother-dearest is near. or sister dearest in this matter]

It's there! The one that reads Great Britain!

[I am not obsessively vigilant. I just happened to overhear some line about "leaving a great impression on many men." And now might be plotting a certain noble's untimely demise. Or something like that.]

Ah, yes, that's a good one. If you're interested in that one, I can recommend a few others along similar lines.

*And what, that? You are reading far too much into it. We were talking about diplomatic relations, after all, right?*

I'd love that, actually. You've been very helpful, Cesare. Thank you.

Ah, he has. He is quite the generous guide.

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*brief once-over*

It was the least I could do. It can be hard to get one's bearings in this place, after all.

[smilless so happy-- oh wait another voice. looks]

Oh. Hello! Are you a friend of Cesare's?

[Still staaaaaring at Cesare. Also, hair flip.]

At times.

Though I suppose I owe him some gratitude for removing you from the party when he must have. It had an unexpected... guest.


Euphy has been excellent company. Once I finish helping her with these books, I shall leave it for you to escort her back to your cabin.

[looks at cesare. looks at the girl. looks at cesare.

clearly ... missing something here.]

But ... I don't know her?

Should I take this to mean you are dispensing with the rest of your flowery commentary?

[Turns to Euphy.]

I apologize for this interruption. It could not be helped. As with — many things tonight.

I was not sure where you were.

One must know his audience. Such a style would be rather unsuitable to conversation with you.

*taking the other book from Euphy and stepping back for a moment to grab a couple more off the shelves and letting sister and... sister speak*

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